Almost There…

19 May

So I plan to do my last shopping at other-than-Walgreens stores by 11:59 am tomorrow.  So from noon tomorrow until the middle of November, Walgreens is it.  Oh Laws, y’all, I’m super nervous.

But, not to worry, today I purchased a bright pink, terrycloth onesie/cover-up.  So that very important item is all taken care of.  I also bought some silver and grey ballet-shoe-lookin sneakers that have coral contrast stitching.  And a hula hoop. I bought a hula hoop, too.  It’s silver and red and white.  So, to recap, my last full day to do any real shopping and I choose to purchase a pink romper, silver shoes, and a hula hoop.

Ok, I’m really nervous about what I’ve forgotten to buy.  I’m sure there’s something important that I’m TOTAlly  forgetting.  But I don’t even know what that is.  And granted, if there’s any real sort of EMERGENCY, yeah, I’ll cheat on this project if I MUST — but I’m worried about some non-emergency thing that I definitely need and I’m totally forgetting about.  I’m really trusting here that Walgreens does carry everything a human needs.  Which, yes, is the whole point of this endeavor, but… ya know… I wanted to… prepare.  Right?

Several days ago, I was on the phone with a friend talking about the things I’d need for my project.  He told me to make a list.  So I did.  Here’s a copy of the list.

  • Bealtrans
  • Sandals
  • Fall Wardrobe Basics

That was my whole list.  I purchased nothing on the list. First, I don’t know what I meant by “Bealtrans,” but I often can’t read my own handwriting. I’m gonna go ahead and assume whatever I meant really isn’t that important.  Next, I couldn’t find any sandals I really liked and figured the ones I have can get me through the summer.  And as far as “Fall Wardrobe Basics” go, I don’t think my new pink romper and silver shoes fit very neatly into this category. I mean, I purchased some jeans and a slouchy blazer a couple of weeks ago, but that was before I even made this list.  When the list was made I obviously didn’t think those purchases were sufficient. I probably should have been more specific about what clothing I would need. “Fall Wardrobe Basics” is way too broad. And, p.s., kind of a difficult thing to go shopping for in May.

So, all in all, I’m feeling woefully unprepared. Tomorrow morning, I plan to do one last trip to the grocery store to get fresh produce, but that’s pretty much it.

Well, on second thought, I might go and get another hula hoop.


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