BTW, I’d recommend reading my blog posts in the order in which they were written. Just a suggestion.

23 May

First Official trip to Walgreens since starting this project, and guess what I found?  A bright pink, terrycloth romper!  For reals, y’all!  I didn’t need to get one before I started because it is a seasonal item Walgreens carries.  A-mazing.  Now I think I might need an electric blue romper as well.

And I needed to get a pot for a plant that my awesome friend bought me, and there was one there.  At first, I didn’t think there would be one big enough, and I’d have to be creative and use a cooler as a planter or something crazy, but I totally found one big enough!  Ok, I had to go to two different Walgreens, but I found what I needed!  And a gardening trowel to help with the repotting.

OH!  And I also got a black, wife-beater tank top.  Uh, that sounds like a “Fall Wardrobe Basic” to me!  How awesome is that?

AND! I bought some Barilla Spaghetti to make for dinner, and Barilla is already my favorite brand of pasta!

AND they also had parmesan cheese!  That’s actually the least exciting one.  Because I really regretted not having purchased, like, a block of parm and of course Walgreens just carries the grated Kraft parmesan.  I didn’t actually purchase the parm today either because I was just going to toss the pasta with some sundrieds, garlic, basil, and e.v.o., and parm just didn’t seem necessary… but still…  they have it… and that’s good…

Anyway, I think this all might work out just fine.


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