Buying Stuff

28 May

I decided to do this project, partly, because I thought it would help me to buy less crap.  Because I spend so much money, and often I don’t even know where it goes.  I’ll go to used bookstores with $60 in my pocket looking for a specific book.  I’ll arrive back home with $3 and several books, none of which were the one I set out for.  And that’s not even a good example, because at least my used book purchases are fairly worthwhile.  I go out and buy clothes I don’t need all the time. I’ll regularly go through the boys’ section at Target to buy Star Wars t-shirts. I wear them.  And I like them.  But how many little boys’ Star Wars t-shirts does a grown-ass woman need?  Or I’ll see a pair of shoes that are, ya know, cute enough, but I end up buying them because they’re marked down crazy low.  So I was hoping that this blog project would slow me down with being such a typical American-woman-in-her-thirties type of consumer.  Because consumerism is bad blah blah we should appreciate the things we own blah de blah de blah – we’ve all heard the shpeel.  It’s kind of worked because like today, I was out early in the day to run a couple errands and normally I would’ve done some random shopping.  But I didn’t.  When the only place to shop is Walgreens, recreational shopping can be done pretty quickly; it can’t really fill an afternoon.

On the other hand it’s also worked not so well.  I end up buying things at Walgreens that I don’t really need but they have it now and I’m afraid they won’t have it later.  I’ve purchased two sundresses so far.  Because they always have sundresses in the early summer but you never know how long they’ll carry them.  And I do wear dresses all summer because they’re comfortable and I end up looking sort-of put-together even if I only spent 6 minutes getting ready.  So, not a total waste but not exactly necessary either.  Like, one of them is really long and has this crazy-huge hibiscus pattern and would be perfect for a 1970s luau-themed party.  But how often am I going to need a dress that’s perfect for a 70s luau party?  Probably never.  I’m still going to wear it, and probably wear some big, round 70s shades with it… providing I can find some at Walgreens.

That’s a crazy big floral pattern, right?  Can you wear this dress just anywhere?  Sort of… but not really.

I’ve purchased some needle-nose pliers and tin snips because they were in a clearance bin and looked useful and I was afraid I’d need them later and not have them.  And actually they’ve already come in handy.  I had to McGyver a way to hang my Topsy Turvy tomato planter, and used them then.

I also bought some cute panties.  I didn’t urgently need underwear, and they always have some kind of women’s undergarments, though they are usually of the high-waisted, full coverage, granny variety.   But they had some cute ones – not the cutest ever, but still cute.  So I bought them because I might not have the opportunity again in the next 5 ½ months.

Basically I’m still buying random stuff I don’t need.  Just I’m doing it at Walgreens now.


3 Responses to “Buying Stuff”

  1. Bear Pritchard May 30, 2010 at 5:58 pm #

    You grew up to be a strange child Mandy Mc Adoo… but still very loveable.

  2. Liz June 1, 2010 at 1:08 pm #

    I LOVE that dress! How does it relate to the Google ad for plus size formal-wear?? Bizarro. I really think this is a fun thing you are doing. I’m hooked already!

    • mandymcadoo June 2, 2010 at 11:21 pm #

      I guess google ads thinks that people attending a 1970s Luau party would need plus-size formal-wear. *shrug*

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