Ding Dongs and Loopholes

30 May

Ok, so, I only do my food shopping at Walgreens… but I wanna make it clear that I’m not planning on living off of Ding Dongs and Cheetos for the next several months.  First of all, they have quite a few pantry items at Walgreens.  Really.  They do.  Most people just don’t go to Walgreens to buy canned peas or cheddar cheese.  But they have it.  And they also have butter, flour, sugar, eggs, and cocoa.  So pretty much everything you need to bake something delicious.  Because that’s what’s I’m concerned with: the baked goods.  We all have our priorities, ok?  Don’t judge.

Also,  I’m not a big fan of, like, potato chips and things, so I’ve mostly been snacking on nuts and dried fruit.  Alright, really just pistachios.  But I fully intend to snack on dried fruit and raw almonds in the near future.  They also have a huge variety of cereal and I can live on just cereal for a good while.  I also found good salsa and frozen green chile at a nearby Walgreens store so that’s a HUGE relief.  I was getting nervous that I hadn’t adequately stocked up on chile.  It’s certainly not at every Walgreens, and not even every Walgreens in Albuquerque, but I’m relieved to know I can get it.

A huge loophole that I’ve already mentioned is that I still can eat at restaurants.  That loophole is extra ginormous because I work at a restaurant.  And a diner-type restaurant, too.  If I worked in fine dining it would be more difficult because I couldn’t afford to order $30 dinners every night.  So it’s affordable and it’s easy to get all the food groups taken care of in a diner.

Just wanted to come clean about that.  And relieve anyone who was worried I might die of scurvy (which I totally won’t ‘cause green chile is FULL of vitamin C!  yeah!)


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