Things I didn’t understand this week

9 Jun
  1. Why one Walgreens store is often only 1.5 miles from another Walgreens.
  2. Why honey infused bourbon has apparently been around for a while, and I’ve only just now heard about it.
  3. Why P.F. Changs frozen meals (that can be purchased at Walgreens) cost about what they at the restaurant.  Wouldn’t most people just go to the restaurant and get takeout?
  4. Why there is an eye care and incontinence aisle.  Do those things go together?
  5. What corn muffin mix is.  Is it corn meal?  Is it like Bisquick  but with corn meal added?  I don’t know.
  6. Why a woman who doesn’t like the eggs on her plate also refuses to eat her bacon and English muffin which she liked fine.  (That one is work related rather than Walgreens related, but still.)
  7. Why it is already like 100° and it’s not even officially summer yet! This isn’t Phoenix!
  8. Why the national brand of stool softener is kept locked up.  Is it a regularly shoplifted item?  But the generic version of the same drug is just right on the shelf.
  9. Why I’m doing this silly project.

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