More Clothes

25 Jun

It was a good week this week for clothes and accessories.  I found some purple sunglasses to go with my sundress, and the super friendly and nice cashier let me know they were 2 for 1 so I got another pair too.  At the same store that I found the sunglasses, I also noticed a super cute stripy tank top, that’s way ‘70s.  I’ve seen tank tops at every Walgreens, but this was the first time I noticed any cool striped ones! And since I bought the tank I had to buy some tube socks to go with it.  And how cute will that tank and tube socks with cutoffs be for going roller-skating?  Answer: So cute!  And I found just a random cute little t-shirt that I bought.  I probably actually didn’t need to buy that.  My laundry situation is perpetually out of control.  I shouldn’t buy anymore clothes until it becomes more manageable.

That’s pretty much all that I bought that was interesting.  There were some giant boxes of cereal for $2 so I bought a few of those… umm… and some pens for work… that’s about it. Good times.


One Response to “More Clothes”

  1. patricia June 27, 2010 at 10:23 am #

    Roller skating! Take me!

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