Bottom 5 OTC Meds!

21 Jul

I was going to write about browsing around through again, but I was going through the “Medicine Cabinet” section and decided to write this instead: a list of the over-the-counter medications that I dislike the most.

1.  Sugarless honey and lemon flavored mentholated cough drops.

They taste so bad I would rather just deal with a cough.  And these were the only cough drops that were ever at our house growing up.  My dad thinks they’re the best thing ever.  He is incorrect.

2.  Child-friendly Cough Suppressant/Expectorant.

I think this stuff tastes worse than the aforementioned drops.  And the “Adult”* Robitussin with alcohol in it is delicious!  But it is so hard to find!  There’s always only like 1 or two boxes tucked in a corner somewhere, separate from the alcohol-free cough syrups.   And there are shelves and shelves of the alcohol-free nastiness.  And not just at Walgreens, at anyplace that OTC medications are sold the good cough syrup is hidden**.  I mean, I guess the Nyquil and stuff with alcohol in it is easy enough to find, but sometimes I’m just medicating a cough and don’t want all the other medicine that Nyquil has in it.

3. Phenylephrine

I suppose it’s not that bad actually, it’s just not as good as pseudoephedrine.  But dumb meth cooks ruined it for everybody.

4. Zyrtec

It works fine… I assume.  It knocks me out so hard, I don’t really know.

5. Pepto bismol chewable tablets.

Yeah, they don’t taste good and all, but I guess I only mentioned them to tell this little story.  Like the gross cough drops, the chewable Pepto Bismol tablets were the only anti-nausea et al. medication that was ever in our house growing up.  We didn’t even have the liquid stuff at home, and that at least doesn’t have the bitterness of the tablets.  A couple of months ago in the Atlanta airport, my mom asked me if I had anything for an upset stomach, and I had some of the chewable pepto tablets in my bag (left over from an earlier trip to Vegas because that was all they had at the Flamingo little lobby store).  My mom got so upset about how bad they tasted.  She was a little mad at me for giving her something that tasted that bad.  This was what she gave me every time I had an upset stomach for 15 years!  And now, now she claims it unfit for human consumption.

Of course I love my mama, and she’s the #1 fan of this blog, but really, Mom?  Really?


* Doesn’t “Adult” cough syrup sound like it should have something to do with porn?

** The good cough syrup was actually super-easy to find online, but when I’m coughing I don’t want to wait a couple weeks for delivery.


2 Responses to “Bottom 5 OTC Meds!”

  1. peopleyou July 22, 2010 at 4:32 am #

    good job, thanks for sharing !

  2. your brother August 2, 2010 at 10:20 pm #

    The honey lemon ones are the best…for eliminating a cough. I think this is because they taste so awful that your body just says “okay, a-hole, I’ll stop coughing if you stop ingesting those sticky pellets of garbage”.

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