Stuff I Want

27 Jul

I went to the mall last week.  I didn’t cheat; I was there with a friend who had to pick up some stuff for her dad.  So, I thought going to the mall and not being able to shop would be absolute torture.  It wasn’t.  I didn’t see much that I wanted to buy.  And I didn’t see anything that I loved and could not live without.  I think I picked the right time to do this project.  During time of economic downturn and/or disaster, the clothes women wear tend not to be that cute.  I mean, I love the gowns that Claudette Colbert wore in the ‘30s. But the dresses that real women wore day-to-day were not fabulous, bias-cut, silk frocks.  It was some pretty ugly stuff.  Same for the ‘70s.  Sure, a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress is always fabulous.  But I don’t see a lot of those in, say, the photos from my mom’s baby showers.  So since we’re here in a crappy economic situation, shoot, might was well be clothes shopping at the Walgreens.

Speaking of which, Iboughtanotherdress.  I’m so embarrassed.  This is really not reasonable behavior.  But!  I live in Albuquerque, I can wear light dresses until the middle of October!  I could wear them through December, if I wore them with leggings!  Which I totally won’t.  I mean, they have leggings at Walgreens, but I’m so not about that whole short-dress-with-leggings thing. And neither is Tim Gunn, so I’m in good company.  I mean I sort of participated in that trend when it came around the first time.  I was in about the 3rd grade.  Yeah, I’m done with that look.  And it’s adorable — on lots of women!  Just not for me this time around.  Anyway, it’s warm enough to wear a dress here through most of the fall, so I’ll get good use out of it.  And it was half-price. And it’s red, so I can wash it with my reds and pinks, which makes it a good candidate for being in heavy rotation.  So I feel my purchase was justified.

Back to the half-price stuff, a bunch of people that I’ve told about this project say “that’s gonna get expensive!” and I suppose it could.  But today I bought 2 pairs of pantyhose*, a big chocolate bar, a t-shirt, the aforementioned dress, and two dozen bright pink, plastic cups** all for about $15.  I mean, yeah, I have to keep my eye out for sales when buying detergent or cereal, but I usually do that no matter where I shop.

And here’s the craziest part.  Are you ready?  When I saw that the summer clothes were half-price my… well  not first, but my second or third thought was “cool! They’ll be getting the fall/winter clothes in soon!”  I was totally excited to see what comes in. And while I realize the fall clothes will probably not be gorgeous, I was very pleasantly surprised by the summer gear.  Tell you what.


* The pantyhose were 50 cents!  I think they were on clearance because there are two sizes: One Size and Queen. I realize I’m not the skinniest girl in the world, but I think girls my size don’t like buying size “Queen”.  This is Walgreens not ANTM; a size 10 is not plus-sized. But with pantyhose for 50 cents they can call my size “Big Huge Monster Size” and it’d be ok.

**I’m planning on throwing a party and I was afraid I’d be short on glasses.  Also, any tableware that is bright pink and a buck fifty a dozen is something I’m interested in.


2 Responses to “Stuff I Want”

  1. Perrin July 28, 2010 at 11:51 am #

    I’m always in between pantyhose sizes, and they always fit better when you wear a size up – so much more comfortable. You go, Big Huge Monster Size!

  2. Mercedes July 28, 2010 at 1:13 pm #

    Your post reminds me of a slideshow I saw in the NYTimes a while ago:

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