As Seen on TV

2 Aug

The As Seen on TV section of Walgreens is one that varies greatly from store to store.  In some stores it’s got its whole side of an aisle.  In others it’s like 6 items.  Recently when I went to a store the only product in that section that caught my eye was the Kymaro Body Shaper.  And that wouldn’t catch my eye if I were shopping at normal stores.  One could find a cuter corset/girdle whatever for $30 at most department stores and at every discount clothing store.  I love that girdles are thought of as a new invention.  Like they haven’t been around for over 300 years.  They aren’t anything new or different, women just haven’t been wearing them much for 40 years.  The infomercials and the little mall kiosks are marketing them like they’re a brand new product.  But really, I want my shapewear to be cuter than the Kymaro Body Shaper, so I passed on that.   And the rest of the As Seen on TV products were pretty boring.

At the store. Then I looked online.  The Walgreens website has lots and lots of As Seen on TV products.  One that I was interested in was the Ronco Coffeetime Brew System for making cold-brewed coffee.  According to the box that the Ronco Coffeetime Brew System comes in, cold brewed coffee is far less acidic than normal coffee.  Coffee has been giving me pretty bad heartburn for about a year now and I’ve been really missing it. Also, I kind of want to buy just about everything Ron Popeil sells.  It all seems like intriguing/useful stuff.   A set of 10 scissors?  Hey, I could use those!  Pocket Fisherman? That might come in handy some time! So anyway, the next time I was at my favorite Walgreens, what should I find but his very brew system on clearance.  It was only ten bucks.  Granted, it’s probably really only worth $10.  It’s just a plastic container that fits on another plastic container.  There aren’t any heating or cooling elements or any moving parts or anything.  Oh, and it was supposed to come with a recipe book but it didn’t. I called the customer service number and the very helpful man told me that they were out of that booklet, but I should call back in two weeks.  I think he meant two weeks.  I called about 4 days ago and he told me to call “the second week of the next month.”  And since we were at the end of July I assumed he meant the second week of August?  Not sure.  We’ll find out.  Anyway, the coffee I’ve made without benefit of the recipe booklet is quite tasty, and I’ve yet to have any heartburn.  I think it’s probably just because I’m using less coffee than I normally would, but hey, whatever works.

The Showtime Petite Rotisserie was also on clearance, and I kinda wanted to get it.  But then I remembered I can’t buy meat until November.  


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