I Don’t Even Need to Buy Stuff!

8 Aug

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with pin-curls in my hair because… well, there’s no “because”.  That’s just what I’ve been doing (with the help of Aya’s videos at Strawberry Koi Vintage.)  Then the other day I washed my hair kinda late, and I didn’t want to go to bed with soppy wet hair.  So I tried some rag-curls.  My hair came out fabulous… and big, very big.  But the great thing about rag curls is you don’t have to buy anything for them!  I just cut up some old flannel pajamas I had lying around.  And they’re soft, so I could sleep on them.  I’ve never been able to sleep on rollers.  Of course, I suppose that’s a skill you have to learn, and I never wanted perfectly curled hair enough to learn.

And my parents gave me some potatoes and some pluots.  The pluots were so delicious.  So basically, I don’t even need to buy stuff!

But I just went shopping at Walgreens, so I guess I do still kinda need to buy stuff.  I bought some of those Dr. Scholl’s foldable flats that you can carry in your purse for when your feet hurt from walking around all night wearing 3 1/2″ heels (I mean that in a partying kind of way, rather than a hooking kind of way). I can’t believe those purse-friendly flats haven’t been around since the beginning of time.  Or at least since the invention of high-heeled shoes.  And they probably have been around in a low-key, underground sort of way, but they should’ve been available everywhere.  It’s one of those ideas that I’m like, “why didn’t I think of that?”  So I finally bought shoes at Walgreens!  And then there were some other shoes that I didn’t buy.  They were those sneakers that are kind of like ballet flats?  And I noticed the sizes were S, M, L.  What the hell kind of size is Medium for a shoe?  For a slipper or a flip flop maybe, but an honest-to-god shoe? Weird.


One Response to “I Don’t Even Need to Buy Stuff!”

  1. scribblingcandy August 9, 2010 at 10:22 am #

    Absolutely love “in a partying kind of way, rather than a hooking kind of way.” Awesome! And, these foldable flats sound like a fabulous idea. I don’t blame you for buying a pair.

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