26 Aug

I’m going to Walgreens all the time, but I never seem to have everything I need from Walgreens.  Last week I needed shaving cream and razors, and only managed to get home with the razors.  How did I forget the shaving cream?  It’s right there.  Right next to the razors.  I think they must do something at Walgreens to distract you in your shopping so that you have to make another trip to Walgreens.

The coupons are definitely a distraction to one’s original shopping list too.  I’m so busy making sure I got all the  coupon items that I wanted, then keeping track of the coupons through the checkout process, it’s easy to forget items from my shopping list.

There is, I guess, some chance that the real problem is that it is a mental shopping list that I have.  I almost never write a list out.  And when I do, I forget it at home.  So I suppose it’s possible that it’s my fault and not Walgreens’.   😉


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