2 Sep

So everything was going along great, and this project was getting easy, but then I had this crazy craving for pumpkin pie today.  It’s too early for pumpkin pie to be sold at any bakery or whatever.  And it’s too early for Walgreens to carry the stuff to make pumpkin pie.  I have seen pumpkin pie stuff around the holidays, but not this early.  Apparently September 1st doesn’t make everybody start craving fall foods.  It’s been quite a dilemma.  I want pumpkin pie way more than I’ve wanted to buy some new shoes or fresh produce.


Oh my gosh!  I just checked and searched for pumpkin, and it said that they do carry Mrs. Smith’s frozen pumpkin pie!  Oh heavenly!

Unfortunately there was a system error so I can’t find out which locations are carrying it.  Blast!  So tomorrow I know what I’ll be doing all day.

Also, the search for “pumpkin” found this too:How cute is that?  It’s a super cute costume, but I also love how the dog looks embarrassed and irritated to be wearing it.  Dogs are the best!

Oh, and I’ll post an update tomorrow about how the great pumpkin pie search went.


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