Pie Update!

2 Sep

So I was super excited today when I checked the Walgreens website and I was able to search for which stores were carrying the pumpkin pies!

Hurray Walgreens!

Then I checked those stores.  No pies.


Ok, actually it’s not that big a deal because the craving for pumpkin pie subsided substantially.  But still, I checked like 3 stores that were supposed to carry them.  Now, I didn’t really do that much driving because they were all either close to, or on the way home from, the restaurant where I had dinner.  Because Walgreens locations are as omnipresent as Starbucks locations were a few years ago.  But none of the locations that were supposed to have them did.  And I finally asked about them at the last store, and the employee asked his manager, and she said they’d been discontinued.  Boo!

I kinda wouldn’t be surprised though if they were just a seasonal item that either is about to be received by the stores that were listed, or has been received and just hasn’t been put on the shelves yet.  Who knows?  I guess we’ll find out.  And by that time I will be totally over it.

And this morning I was so sure I’d be writing a blog about the great Walgreens triumph, and how they really do carry everything you might ever need.  Alas.


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