Bubble Bath and Boas

11 Sep

So I needed to buy two things at Walgreens.  And I’ll bet you can guess what they were. Ok, maybe I didn’t need to buy a feather boa today, but I did want to get one for my Halloween costume.  Not the Star Trek costume.  Boas were totally passe in the 23rd century. I’m also getting together a Ginger Grant costume.  I might need a boa.  I have one totally Ginger dress.  It’s this long, ice-blue

A perfect "Ginger" dress....

number that’s fully beaded, and has a slit up the side.  Very Ginger, right?  But it’s backless.  That satin-y stuff  in the second pic is the front lining you’re looking at. I’m not sure the back-fat situation will be under control enough by October 30th to allow for a totally backless dress. I don’t think anybody on Gilligan’s Island ever wore a dress as backless as this one, but it totally says “Ginger,” nonetheless.   Anyway, the backup dress is still good; it’s also floor length, and it’s royal blue with a halter neckline and some pin-tuck details on the bust.  Totally cute, but it needs some accessories to really convey “GINGER!”  So I thought I’d get a boa.  And I thought I’d start looking right

when it was purchased in a pre back-fat issue era.

away ’cause you never know when Walgreens will have something and when they’ll just run out of it.

And guess what?  Walgreens did have feather boas!  I got a white one, because I think I’ll be carrying a white handbag.  The boa’s a little cheesy.  Surprising, right?  A feather boa from Walgreens is cheesy?  🙂    I’d prefer a little marabou one, but the one I got could work in a pinch.  Now I just need to find some long

The backup. Ehh.

rhinestone earrings.  Ummm… I might need some help

with that one, everybody.  😀

The bubble bath was surprisingly tricky!  I found some, but the bubble bath isn’t all together at the Walgreens.  Some of it’s by the soap and some is by the shaving supplies (?).  And the bubble bath by the soap just wasn’t gonna do it.  I had the options of Mr. Bubble, Sponge Bob Bubble bath, and some Neutrogena bath/shower gel.  While I love Mr. Bubble and how very, very pink he is, I don’t really want to smell like bubble gum.  Next, I just don’t want anything with Sponge Bob Squarepants pictured thereon in my home.  And finally the Neutrogena stuff just smelled bad.  Not bad like awful, just it has what is trying to be a “gender neutral” scent, so it just smells like woodsy, citrus, weird.  They have a similar smelling shower gel at the

gym I go to, and I don’t love it.  Also, the bath/shower gel things never bubble like you want them to.

So, I walked around for awhile before I thought to look over in a totally different place nowhere near the other soap and shower gels.  There were a few options.  The two “lavender” scented options smelled mostly like Ivory Liquid Soap and maybe there was also some lavender somewhere on the other side of the room where the bubble bath was being made.  Ivory Liquid Soap smells fine, but I’d just put that in my bath if that’s what I wanted to smell like.  I ended up with some Jasmine and White Tea scented foaming bath milk.  We’ll see how that goes.  Of all the things I thought I might have a trouble finding at Walgreens, nice bubble bath never occurred to me.  I’m definitely gonna want to stop

by Crabtree and Evelyn soon after this is done.


4 Responses to “Bubble Bath and Boas”

  1. You Mother September 13, 2010 at 5:41 am #

    Surely, surely, surely sweet girl it can’t be true that you are choosing not to honor the much esteemed and long-standing family tradition of starting every Halloween costume with a basic sweatsuit. Surely Walgreens sells some rhinestoneish type accessory items with which to adorn the sweatsuit foundation layer of your Gingeresque costume. I’m certain that the ice blue dress would be positively stunning over your basic tan rhinestone encrusted sweatsuit–right? Of course, Mama is only looking out for your welfare….
    Love you sweet darlin”!

    • Your Mother September 13, 2010 at 5:42 am #

      It is early–very. I meant to say “your” mother!

  2. liz September 14, 2010 at 8:09 pm #

    Are you kidding that they didn’t have Calgon’s English Garden or powder milk bath??? How are you alive? I couldn’t live without a stash and I have purchased it at walgreens in the past!

  3. Zanne September 27, 2010 at 1:50 pm #

    hehehe your mom’s funny…..and I KNOW WHY YOU DON’T WANT ANY SPONGEBOB IN THE BATH ROOM!!!!!!!!

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