12 Sep

I’ve spend so much time talking about the awesome stuff I can find at Walgreens, I neglected to even notice one awful thing that I’ve never found at a Walgreens:  a crowd.  I swear I become more crowd phobic every day.  And while a Walgreens might occasionally have a long line at the cash register, I’ve yet to see anything I would ever call a crowd at any Walgreens in the Albuquerque metro area.  Most Walgreens locations don’t even have the parking to accommodate a true crowd.   I finally realized what a crowd-less wonder my life has been these 3+ months on Friday when I went to a Hastings to rent a movie (renting is not buying thus it is not shopping), and it was absolutely crazy ridiculous full of people.  People who seem to enjoy being in your way and refuse to move.  And little people running around and making noise.  Not much of an issue in good ol’ Walgreens.


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