Don’t Bother. This Post Goes Nowhere.

16 Sep

Back in March and April when I was planning this whole Walgreens experience, I planned a whole bunch of little projects for myself.  Interesting things I could do with Walgreens stuff that I could write about in my blog.  Like making my own starter and then making fresh bread all the time.  Or buying Walgreens clothes and changing them up– like taking a t-shirt and turning it into a tank top with ribbons for the straps!  Those kinds of projects.   The thing I neglected to take into account while I was making these plans is my dislike for doing little projects.  I don’t like being busy and having lots of stuff to do.  I hate it when I have 4 days in a row that are totally full, even if they are totally full of fun activities that I wanted to do when I planned them, but they all came awfully close together, and my do-nothing time is being eliminated.  I am a person who seriously needs to spend a couple of hours every few days doing nothing.  I don’t always get that time.

This week my do-nothing time has been seriously cut short.  I really wanted to enter a pie for annual Pietown, NM Pie Festival‘s Pie Baking Contest.  Sadly, I couldn’t make it ‘cause I’ve been sick and I didn’t want to go alone, but I also didn’t want to get anyone sick by sitting in a car with them for 5 hours.  So I felt I really had to enter a pie in the NM State Fair Pie Baking Contest. I had totally wanted to do a pie contest forever anyway, and for some reason I really wanted to do one while writing this blog. But I just have so much going on this week.  Ok, really I’m just working, and doing the pie contest, and I spoke to my friend’s creative writing class, and that’s not really much.  Indeed, if I could just eliminate the “working” part of it, it’d be great!  The pie baking and the talking to Liz’s class were both totally fun. If only I were independently wealthy.  Or there was some benefactor subsidizing this project in a rather generous manner.  Such is not the case, unfortunately.

Doing the writing and pictures and general maintenance of this blog is about all I can handle along with my life outside of Walgreens.  I’m not sure when I was planning it why I thought all these little activities would be a good idea.  I guess I just have to glance at last month’s entries though to realize why I felt that way.

Oh, and one other thing: why am I bitching?  It’s not like anybody is forcing me to do this.


One Response to “Don’t Bother. This Post Goes Nowhere.”

  1. Gail Grosso September 16, 2010 at 8:01 am #

    Good luck at the State Fair Pie Contest! I have had some of your pies and you deserve that blue ribbon!

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