My Defeat

18 Sep

I didn’t win anything in the pie contest.  I’d never entered before, and it turns out that the judges are obsessed with crusts that are a golden brown color.  Even the part of the crust that is underneath the pie filling is supposed to be golden brown.  And oddly, delicious didn’t seem to enter anywhere in to their judging.  See, they’d give an explanation of why pies placed where they did, and not once did I hear the word “delicious.”  I myself believe delicious to be the whole very point of pie.  And I could certainly get a crust golden brown using some Alton Brown-esque kitchen shenanigans, but it has never occurred to me at any point in the whole of my life to want a uniformly golden brown pie crust.  I myself love when the crust and filling kinda are melding together on that last piece of chocolate cream pie in the pie plate. Mmmmmm.  I mean, the top and sides could be brown-ish, sure, but the bottom? And it’s funny because in the two very recently published pie crust recipes that I looked at, it was clear that the goal was to get the crust, even the top of the crust (the one that ends up inside the pie) golden brown, and I thought to myself “Man!  These ladies have flat lost their goddamn minds!” But I guess they haven’t; it’s just the new trend in pie baking.  Weird.

BUT!  I did get an honorable mention for presentation!  I baked my pie in a cute little skillet.  Not on purpose.  I had run out of pie tins and noticed that my medium-sized iron skillet that I had bought in a pack of three skillets about a million ( or maybe 8 ) years ago was almost the exact same size as a pie tin!  The skillet pie was actually my backup pie, and it was good that I had a backup.  Because I burned the crap out of the first pie.  See, in my life, once a year I have to learn the lesson of “don’t get distracted when you’ve got something under the broiler”.  I suppose it’s good that I relearned this lesson now instead of on Thanksgiving like how I did last year.

So I might enter the contest next year because I know the criteria for a New Mexico State Fair Award Winning Pie, but I’m not sure I want to.  I’m not terribly interested in a pie contest that’s not about delicious.  It’d be like entering a writing contest where the judging was based mainly on interesting use of semi-colons.  What the hell kind of contest is that?  I think next year I’ll make sure to enter a pie at the Pietown Pie Festival.  Their judging seemed to be more subjective and less technical.

Oh yeah, and I entered a pie contest where everything I bought*** for the pies came from Walgreens!

The cute pie and the burned pie


*** My mom gave me some Karo syrup, and Zanney gave me some dark brown sugar, but the things that I myself purchased were from Walgreens  😉

Walgreens actually does carry stuff like Karo syrup around the holidays.  Just not in the middle of September.


4 Responses to “My Defeat”

  1. cala4lily September 19, 2010 at 9:32 am #

    OK, that pie looks delicious to me, too bad they haven’t invented a way to send food through the interwebs yet cause I’d take a slice please, thank you!

    As for judging criteria, wow, never knew that! I prefer the slightly gooey, mushy bottom crust where the filling and crust sorta morph into one tasty jumble myself, but hey, I’m not a judge, I’m an eater 🙂

  2. Perrin September 23, 2010 at 6:38 pm #

    I, too, believe delicious to be the whole very point of pie. Silly judges.

  3. Zanne September 27, 2010 at 1:44 pm #

    eeeee…… maybe they were all on diets and didn’t taste all those pies. that would explain the whole crust thing. Next year make a cake “crust” and really throw them off 🙂

  4. Cory October 3, 2010 at 11:09 pm #

    I loved your pie. I’m glad I got some

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