27 Sep

So I love Lifetime Christmas movies.  You know, those extra cheesy, schmaltzy movies they show on the Lifetime channel in December which are shown during a season they call Fa-la-la-la Lifetime.  A couple years ago I saw this great one called His & Her Christmas. It was about a pretty, 30-something columnist at a little paper in Marin County.  And something happens, and she gets real mad at the “big city” paper in San Francisco, and writes a column talking mess about the SF paper.  And ya know, I think the San Francisco paper was going to buy the Marin County paper, so I can’t imagine the Marin County people would be too upset about it.  It seems like the staff of the little paper would be like “Yeah!  Awesome!  This paper isn’t going to go out of business next month!” Because the big paper wouldn’t have any reason to buy the little paper to shut it down. Anyway, the heroine of the story gets in a verbal war with the rich, handsome columnist at the big paper, and of course, they fall in love.  At Christmastime.  I’m pretty sure there was some mistletoe kissy-face at some point in the movie.

The reason it’s so awesome, and the reason I’m mentioning it here, is that it’s a 90 minute Walgreens commercial.  It has the most blatant advertising within a film that I’ve seen since the 2 hour GMC commercial I saw that was entitled Transformers. Like, during the movie, the protagonist is going to Walgreens to pick up a toothbrush and stuff so her niece can spend the night. The niece says “We also have to get (blah de blah) for the Christmas party!” and her aunt says “Don’t worry; they’ll have everything we need at Walgreens.”   And then later there’s a scene where they’re decorating a tree and they’re surrounded by dozens of Walgreens bags holding decorations and wrapping paper and what not.  All the logos on the bags are facing camera. Walgreens was mentioned several other times too.  I don’t mention Walgreens in my day-to-day conversation nearly as much as these people, and it is the only place that I am currently shopping.

So I highly recommend His & Her Christmas if you should happen to come across it this holiday season.  I also recommend any Fa-la-la-la Lifetime programming that features one of the Huxtable kids.  I haven’t seen any that have anything to do with Walgreens, but they’re pretty good anyway.


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