10 Oct

I’ve made a point over the past few months to make real food with ingredients from Walgreens.  Breakfast was the easiest.  They have eggs, bacon, and English muffins.  What more do you need?  (Answer: Hash browns–but I guess you can live without them).  I’ve also been doing pasta with either some sundried tomatoes I had, or with garlic and the fresh tomatoes and basil I was growing.  And then there was those really good BLT’s I was making a few weeks ago.  Oh, and this, like, Thai-inspired peanut sauce on pasta that I used the leftover peanuts from McDonald’s sundaes on.  Because I don’t want peanuts on my sundae, but it seems wasteful to throw perfectly good food away.  Anyway, all this real food I’ve been making?  I am so tired of all of it.  All Of It.  I’m so glad to be done in 5 weeks.

I’m really looking forward to buying good bread.  And King Arthur Flour.  And cake flour.  Oh, and good cheese.  They have a cheddar cheese at Walgreens but, well, it has a plastic-y, Velveeta quality to it.  I mean, it’s definitely cheddar cheese but it’s definitely not some kind of artisanal mammoth cheddar.

I think I’m gonna cook for myself far more often after the project is over than I did before it began.  Because it’s one thing to get to go food and to eat at work because it’s easy and it’s what I wanna do.  It’s quite another when I don’t cook because I can’t buy real groceries.  I guess “can’t” isn’t really the word, but you know what I mean.


One Response to “Fatigue”

  1. Catherine October 17, 2010 at 12:54 pm #

    hmmmm…now you’ve given me a craving for good bread and cheese 🙂

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