Things I’m Gonna Do When I’m Done With This Project

17 Oct

1. Make French onion soup.  From scratch for reals. Like even making the beef stock from some cow bones, water, and mirepoix.

2.  Take, like, I dunno, $40 into a thrift store and just spend it all on random stuff. (I guess I haven’t kicked the stuff-buying habit completely.)

3.  Buy new Joshilyn Jackson novel.

4. Buy pre-1950 Nancy Drew novel.

5. Buy Adam Carolla’s book.  Or at least go to the bookstore and decide if it’s a book I need to own.

6. Buy a good Hermione wand.  I like dressing up as Hermione for Halloween, but I need a wand. And the wands they sell at the costume shops are lame, so hopefully the bookstores will be selling Hermione wands with the new Harry Potter movie coming out. And it’ll be convenient since I’m already going to be at a bookstore for the aforementioned purchases.

7.  Buy some new pants.  I need pants.  I suppose I could take care of this as a part of item #2.

8. Go to the grocery store everyday just to buy some sort of perishable produce-type foods and consume them.  And by the way, the gas station near my house sells bananas and apples individually for snacks.  Why can’t Walgreens do that?

One thing I don’t need to buy?  Egg Nog!  Because my awesome mom bought me some of that Creamland Halloween Goblin Nog this week!  Awesome!  So I’ve been drinking Mandy’s Holiday Cocktail* regularly.  By the way, my mom will be annoyed that I’ve been using the egg nog she bought me as a mixer with bourbon.


*Mandy’s Holiday Cocktail Recipe

Egg Nog



Ratios to be determined by viscosity/sweetness/drunkeness preferences at the time.  Note: beware of curdling.


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