Exciting News!

20 Oct

I have been on a quest for a little over a year now.  I read Perfumes: The A-Z Guide by Turin and Sanchez a little over a year ago, and I became obsessed with finding a new perfume.  Perrin was nice enough to hang out with me one afternoon when I tried on about 2 dozen fragrances.  I was really stinky by the end of the day.  I found some things that I liked.  I really liked Ralph Lauren’s Notorious.  It’s really spicy and smoky and not too sweet.  This is important because most fragrances turn super sweet on me.  I think it’s because I ingest way more sugar than I can possibly metabolize and it starts seeping through my skin*.  But Notorious is kinda heavy for everyday use.  It’s also kinda intense for going to a restaurant or a crowded theatre.  So the opportunities to wear it are few and somewhat far between.  I also got a single-note Lavender cologne by Caswell-Massey that smells great on clothes… it smells less good on my actual person.  And a single-note is a little simple for a signature fragrance.  I’ve tried a few men’s fragrances too, and I like many of them, and they don’t turn too sweet, but I don’t love them quite enough to wear everyday either.  When I was in high school and college I always wore these really soapy, aldehydic florals (Spring Rain by Crabtree and Evelyn, Amazing Grace by philosophy, Anais Anais by Cacharel) which were great.  And looking back I’m glad I was wearing something so soft and girly when every other person my age on the planet was wearing ck One.  And they were great for a 16-year-old Mandy — very sweet and soft and nice.  But those descriptors don’t really suit me much anymore.  😉   And as my friend Jacob said, “you need a few steps in between those girly perfumes and White Diamonds.”  That is very true.

So I think I found one!  It’s Amor Amor, also by Cacharel. It starts off floral and a little fruity, but it turns into a really nice musky-ish floral on me that has a little more edge than Anais Anais.  Perfect!  Oh, except for a short 10 minute period where it smells like apples and fresh sweat. Not like gross B.O. but fresh, I-just-went-on-a-15-minute-jog sweat.  But seriously, almost every fragrance that has come out in the past 4 to 5 years smells like fruit and fresh sweat on me after a little while.  And, except for Amor Amor, they all seem to retain that smell.  I tried on a bunch of perfume one day by myself last fall, and at the end of the day my arm smelled like citrus and fresh sweat, berries and fresh sweat, melon and fresh sweat, or bag of Jolly Ranchers and fresh sweat in varying patches. And they were all new-ish fragrances.  If I try on  some 1980s fragrances (Paris, Obsession, Poison, Oscar – not that I’d try them on all at the same time;  that’d be crazy) I don’t smell like sweat.   But most of the new fragrances that are marketed towards young women smell like sweat to me.  I also sometimes think the wind in Albuquerque smells like fresh sweat, too. Like if a lot of dust has been blown around?  Maybe my sweat just smells weird.  Or maybe everybody just wants to smell like sweaty Mandy  😉

And how does this relate to Walgreens?  Amor Amor is not a fragrance that Walgreens carries.  They carry three other Cacharel fragrances, but not Amor Amor.  Agggghh!   And when I go to the “Fragrances for Women” section of the Walgreen’s website, 991 items come up.  But no Amor Amor.  And the website carries all manner of fragrances, cheap to high-end – White Shoulders to  Jean Paul Gautier and 980 more in between. I’ve looked at the fragrances in the cosmetics department in different Walgreens for the past few days and haven’t seen it at one yet.  *sigh*

At least I only have to wait a few weeks to buy it.

Come back later this week for a more directly-related-to-Walgreens post.  I’ll be visiting stores in the… umm… transitional neighborhoods around town.


* Nothing I learned in all the Human Biology classes I took in college actually supports this ‘sugar seeping through skin’ theory.


2 Responses to “Exciting News!”

  1. Patricia October 20, 2010 at 4:27 pm #

    Your post reminds me of the day I took Miguel into Sephora with me. He tried on Polo cologne and then chuckled the rest of the day because he smelled like 7th grade.

    I still have a giant bottle of Lovely… In middle school I think I wore honeysuckle spray from Bath and Body Works…

    • mandymcadoo October 20, 2010 at 10:30 pm #

      Lovely is one fragrance that does not smell like sweaty Mandy.

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