Oh So Red

28 Oct

So I dyed my hair for my Ginger Halloween costume.  It is red.  Too red.  Yesterday I looked like a 15 year-old that dyed her hair with a mix of cherry and orange Kool Aid. That is no fault of the good people at Clairol that make Natural Instincts hair dye.  I should’ve followed the directions and done a strand test to determine the length of time necessary to get my hair the right shade.  I actually should have done two strand tests: one on highlighted hair and one on un-highlighted hair.  And I should’ve done the bottom section first and the top section last.  And I should’ve used a bowl and a tint brush and not just the applicator bottle.   And I even could have called the 1-800 helpline thing that they have all over their box and website to get some advice.  But I didn’t.  So here we are.

I know I should post a pic with the hair color to show you how red it is.  But the flash on my camera makes it look like a really nice, pretty shade of red, so y’all would just think I’m crazy.

Oh wait.  I tried my other camera and it gives a better indication of how red it is.

And I already did, for a moment, consider dying all of it a bright, dark, Christina Hendricks red.  Hmm… but I think I’d better leave that shade of red to a professional colorist to put on my head.

I have some clarifying shampoo that my hair cutter gave me last time I got a haircut.  She’s an older Hispanic lady, and she really doesn’t think my washing my hair once or twice a week with non-sulfate shampoo gets it near clean enough, so she gave me some really intense shampoo to use.  But she gives me the best haircuts ever, so I’ll keep going to her even if she scrubs my hair crazy and strips it of everything that makes it curl pretty.  My hair is in shock for like 3 days after the scrubbing.   Anyway, the clarifying shampoo will be good to get some of this dye out.  It’ll probably be perfect with one more washing.  It’s already way better today than it was yesterday.  If you can believe.

Also, the conditioner that came with the hair dye is supposed to last for 5 or 6 uses.  Oh Miss Clairol, you’re so funny.  With all this hair, that little tube of conditioner will maybe last 3 for me.  Maybe.


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