Not So Red (phew!)

29 Oct

I told my friend Zanne about a month ago that I was going to dye my hair a couple of days early in case anything should go wrong.  She laughed and said “what would make you think something would go wrong?”  And the answer was everything preceding  that moment of my life.  And indeed the hair color did go very wrong.  It was SO red, and so uneven.  The picture I posted really did not show the horrible unevenness of the color.  You would’ve thought I had just squirted it all right on top of my head and left the rest alone. There were some locks of hair that were bright red on the top and strawberry blonde on the ends and light brown at the roots. The unevenness was way worse than the color intensity. So I was freaking out today.  I was pretty calm about it Wednesday because I was sure it would fade quickly.  When it hadn’t faded by today I was pretty worried about it.  I was shampooing and scrubbing it like crazy, and then squeezing the wet hair to try to force the dye out.   Then I used some dark red-brown temporary dye and a tiny little tint brush to try to paint in some lowlights.  Then I tried a  light red-brown on the parts that weren’t as red.  And it was better, but still not good.

Then I remembered something. I remembered that I’ve been highlighting my dark, dark, mousy, dishwater blonde hair for months.  I already own toners that cancel out red/gold tones.  Thank God!  And it was in my bathroom all along. How did I not remember? Thank you, Fanci-full, for coming to the rescue once again.  Between rag rollers and Fanci-full hair color rinses, I’m becoming increasingly convinced that it’s the women over eighty who know all the good hairstyling tricks.  So it’s a nice auburn now.

Now off to Las Vegas!  Woooo!  Vegas, Baby! VEGAS!


2 Responses to “Not So Red (phew!)”

  1. Catherine November 2, 2010 at 7:36 pm #

    I’m sorry to hear about the hair disaster.

    One time, I got into a huge fight with my ex, and he loved my blonde hair. So, on an impulse (and to piss him off), I bought some red hair dye. I’m not averse to dying my hair, generally, so it wasn’t the biggest of deals (I haven’t seen my real hair color since I was 16). Anyway, my hair was super thick and super long, and frankly, only about 2/3 of it actually took the red color. When he came with flowers to apologize, I proceeded to send him to the drug store (haha, might have even been Walgreens!!) to buy the darkest color brown he could find. I then dyed my hair brown on top of the red. I was quite worried about the results. BUT, I ended up with a very pretty deep red, not at all natural, but not raggedy anne red either. It looked really good, I got compliments everywhere I went! 🙂 BUT – when the roots grew out – I couldn’t figure out how to replicate the color! LOL. It was also really hard to get out afterward as I tried to go back to blonde. Only this year I finally got all the red out!

    Good luck with your hair – I bet it looks great 🙂

    • mandymcadoo November 2, 2010 at 11:27 pm #

      Oh my gosh! That’s hilarious! And replicating the color is totally the hardest thing about coloring one’s own hair.

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