The Fanciest Walgreens EVER!

6 Nov

I already knew that different Walgreens carry different stuff — sometime almost totally different stuff.  I was still not prepared for a Walgreens that looked like this:

It doesn’t even look like a Walgreens, right?  When was the last time that you’ve ever walked in to a Walgreens with a giant jewelry display endcap at the very front of the store?  Or that had like 4 aisles of clothes?  Or luggage?  Or cute wide-brimmed sun hats?

Here’s the store from the outside:

This is the store that’s right outside the Venetian and across the street from Treasure Island.  So it’s a pretty high-rent neighborhood.  If I had done this project in Vegas I think it would’ve been easier.  At least as far as my clothing and accessory needs went.     They also had a fancier looking electronic section, though they actually probably had fewer electronics.  And sushi.  They had sushi.

Right there on the middle shelf.  Sushi.  At Walgreens. I heard tell of it on the internets, but I was skeptical.  And then there it was.  I thought about trying some.  Then decided against it because I had an eight hour drive the next day.

The only thing I actually bought for myself was a pink oven mitt that has a print with the “Welcome to Fabulous  Las Vegas Nevada” sign on it.  I’m not sure how practical the oven mitt is.  It feels like it’s made out of synthetic fabric.  I’m not totally sure it won’t just melt the first time I use it. Maybe it should just be hung on the oven for pretty.


2 Responses to “The Fanciest Walgreens EVER!”

  1. Perrin November 7, 2010 at 2:35 pm #

    Here’s to Las Vegas!

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