Christmas Shopping!

9 Dec

So I really went shopping today.  It was super fun.  I don’t know how I went so long without it.  I went Christmas shopping so I wasn’t even buying stuff for me but still … SO FUN!   Like, I could think of something I wanted to buy for someone and then go to a store where they sell that thing!  Amazing!  It was much better than thinking of a thing to buy for someone, and then trying to find the closest approximation that Walgreens carries.  And way better than just wandering around Walgreens hoping something really stands out as a great gift.  And good luck with that.

I haven’t been able to go shopping before today because I’ve been super poor.  Like not just a little bit poor.  But really crazy poor. I got sick and missed a few days of work, and since I’m only working as a waitress right now, it’s kinda like living in Dickensian England.  If you have the misfortune to be ill, it reduces you to poverty quite quickly.

But really, the past few weeks it was easy to forget that I was even finished with the Walgreens project because I still wasn’t able to shop anywhere!  Hopefully my economic situation will be back to its equilibrium quickly.  *sigh


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