9 Mar

I haven’t visited my blog in an awfully long time.  It’s true.  It was abandoned.  I’m like one of those turtle mothers, bringing life in to the world and then letting it fend for itself with no help. But I came by today because someone left me an amazing comment on the post about what stuff at Walgreens is locked up.  So I dropped by, and my stats aren’t bad.  It’s weird.  I worked like crazy to try to get readers for 6 months, and then I gave up, and now I’m getting readers.  So that’s awesome.

I also was wanting to do a blog post because I shopped — like really shopped — at Walgreens for the first time since November on Monday. I mean, I’ve dropped by to grab cold medicine and then ran back out again, but I actually went in needing several things and so I wandered around the whole store.  I picked up some Cinnabon flavored cream of wheat, ’cause it was just a buck.  And it was pretty gross, so I’m glad I only spent a dollar. I also bought some Easter candy, because the Easter candy is cheaper at Walgreens than at the grocery store.  Go, Walgreens! All in all, it hasn’t changed much. It’s still good ol’ Walgreens.

Anyway, I think I made the right decision by doing this project in the summer and fall.  The winter clothes are so not as good as the spring/summer clothes.   They were even selling Easter bonnets at the Walgreens!  And it’s kinda early for that.  It’s only just Ash Wednesday today.  There’s over a month until Easter.  I wonder if stores sell more Easter stuff in the years where there’s a 7 or 8 weeks between Valentine’s and Easter than in the years when there’s only 5.

So… I guess it’s worth doing all the posts I was planning to do when this ended… I was just so OVER it all by the time December came around, ya know?  More posts coming soon then, I guess.


2 Responses to “Huh?”

  1. Catherine March 15, 2011 at 9:33 pm #

    I so like your writing style. I wonder if there is anything else you can do with this blog? I wouldn’t want it to end just because the experiment did, or because you ran out of things to write about re: Walgreens…. there’s gotta be something next for you!

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