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Saving Grace

11 Nov

One other thing happened in Las Vegas.  I almost fell off the wagon.  I really wanted to wear some sort of stretchy knit pant for the road and I hadn’t packed any.  I was all bloated and puffy from eating and drinking too much, and I wanted something stretchy and comfy for the ride home. I came really close to buying some pants at Ross.  And I thought about how I was so close it was silly to cheat so blatantly here at the end. And if I were going to cheat this far in it should be on something amazing, not some $10 workout pants.  And I thought about buying some pants at the Walgreens down the street, but they didn’t have any I liked.  Their pant selection most definitely leaves something to be desired.  There were two sweat suits that were ok except for the giant, ugly Las Vegas thing embroidered on them.  And it was tacky bad, not tacky kitsch and fun.  ‘Cause a giant Las Vegas logo could be fun on a velour sweat suit.  It wasn’t.  And they were overpriced. By the way, my friend Zanne thinks that the reason they have so many clothes in those two stores on the strip is because people might need a change of pants after eating the sushi that’s there.  Ha! Good times.  I’m sure it’s fine.  Pretty sure.  Not sure enough to have actually tried it.

Anyway, I really wanted those stretchy pants at Ross.  And what finally convinced me not to buy them was the threat of bed bugs.  There probably haven’t been any reports of bed bugs in any Ross ever, but I’ve heard about people getting bed bugs from clothes that they brought home from the store and didn’t wash right away.  And it’s not like I’d have been able to wash them there very easily.  Even if I’d washed them in the sink at the hotel, they wouldn’t have dried in time.  So I couldn’t buy any clothes there.  So thank you, bed bugs, for keeping me honest in this project.

And, if you were wondering, yes, I inspected the hotel room thoroughly for bed bugs.  I even brought a flashlight.  It was fine and bed bug free.


Vegas Part 2!

7 Nov

I visited two other Walgreens in Vegas.  One was further south on the strip — across from the Monte Carlo.  It was really similar to the one next to the Venetian, only older and slightly shabbier.  But like the other one on the strip it had a BUNCH of clothes.  No luggage or cute hats though.  But it did have sushi.  So 2 Walgreens that carry sushi so far.

I also visited the one on Fremont Street was just like every other store on Fremont Street.  It was mostly souvenir shot glasses and t-shirts, though it also had Tylenol and Imodium.  No sushi at the Fremont store.  It did have more pantry type foods than the stores on the strip, like pasta and rice and Stove Top stuffing.  I guess maybe there are more people that live near Fremont Street?  It’d be sad if many people lived actually at one of the really cheap hotels near there and just had a hot plate and lived off pasta from the Walgreens.  Wow.  That’s a really depressing thought.  I totally just bummed myself out. 😦

Also went to a Walgreens in Flagstaff that I think was fairly close to NAU (maybe not.  There’s no particular reason to trust my Flagstaff geography knowledge) and it was as worn and dingy as the store that’s right next to UNM.  So at least Walgreens doesn’t play favorites with its student-ghetto stores.  Louie the Lumberjack gets the same treatment as Louie the Lobo.  But weird that they’re both named Louie, right?

Finally, unrelated to Walgreens, but a tip from me to my readers: Halloween on the Las Vegas Strip was kinda lame.  Nobody was into it.  Like only 10 percent of the people there were dressed up and everybody was taking themselves very seriously. Who knew?  But Halloween on Fremont Street was AMAZING! People were in super fun, crazy costumes and it was just all one big party.  So, if you find yourself in Las Vegas on Halloween go to Fremont Street.


The Fanciest Walgreens EVER!

6 Nov

I already knew that different Walgreens carry different stuff — sometime almost totally different stuff.  I was still not prepared for a Walgreens that looked like this:

It doesn’t even look like a Walgreens, right?  When was the last time that you’ve ever walked in to a Walgreens with a giant jewelry display endcap at the very front of the store?  Or that had like 4 aisles of clothes?  Or luggage?  Or cute wide-brimmed sun hats?

Here’s the store from the outside:

This is the store that’s right outside the Venetian and across the street from Treasure Island.  So it’s a pretty high-rent neighborhood.  If I had done this project in Vegas I think it would’ve been easier.  At least as far as my clothing and accessory needs went.     They also had a fancier looking electronic section, though they actually probably had fewer electronics.  And sushi.  They had sushi.

Right there on the middle shelf.  Sushi.  At Walgreens. I heard tell of it on the internets, but I was skeptical.  And then there it was.  I thought about trying some.  Then decided against it because I had an eight hour drive the next day.

The only thing I actually bought for myself was a pink oven mitt that has a print with the “Welcome to Fabulous  Las Vegas Nevada” sign on it.  I’m not sure how practical the oven mitt is.  It feels like it’s made out of synthetic fabric.  I’m not totally sure it won’t just melt the first time I use it. Maybe it should just be hung on the oven for pretty.

Guess What I Found?

1 Oct

While shopping at a Walgreens earlier this week, I happened upon some rhinestone earrings!  Woo!  I needed rhinestone earrings to complete my Ginger Grant Halloween costume.  They’re just hoops, and I’ll probably still try to snag some chandelier rhinestone earrings somehow.  BUT, the point is,  I needed some rhinestone earrings, and they had some!  Crazy.  Go Walgreens!

Tranny Trek

24 Sep

I got my Halloween dress in a few days ago.  I was worried that I’d have to modify it because it wouldn’t be an accurate replica of a Starfleet officer’s uniform.  But no worries there.  The blue uniform has the interlocking circles on the logo, and that’s correct.  It also has the gold detail on the sleeves, and even a slightly asymmetrical collar.  So all the Star Trek details are totally right on.

The fit, however, is problematic.  On one of the reviews on the costume manufacturer’s website, a woman who is a size 8 (like me) said that the Small was way too tight in the hips, but the Medium was way too big in the waist and she’d had to take it in. So I ordered the Medium.  And, sure enough, it fits in the hips, but it is HUGE in the waist.  So I measured, and the difference between the waist measurement and hip measurement was only 4 inches.  On the size charts on most women’s clothing, the waist is usually about 10 inches smaller than the hips.  Also, the upper sleeves are HUGE.  Giant armholes with huge sleeves.

So, Question: what kind of person has giant, ham hock arms and a waist that is only slightly smaller than their hips?

Answer: a male person, that’s what kind.

I think these Original Series Star Trek costumes are made for men.  And I don’t think they’re necessarily intended for drag queens. I think they’re perhaps intended for straight men who, as boys, thought Nurse Chapel was just the most fabulous thing they’d ever seen

Nurse Chapel

and now they like to put on a blue Star Trek dress in the privacy of their own home and prance around.

That’s my theory anyway.

Now I’m off to alter my dress that was designed for a man.

Bubble Bath and Boas

11 Sep

So I needed to buy two things at Walgreens.  And I’ll bet you can guess what they were. Ok, maybe I didn’t need to buy a feather boa today, but I did want to get one for my Halloween costume.  Not the Star Trek costume.  Boas were totally passe in the 23rd century. I’m also getting together a Ginger Grant costume.  I might need a boa.  I have one totally Ginger dress.  It’s this long, ice-blue

A perfect "Ginger" dress....

number that’s fully beaded, and has a slit up the side.  Very Ginger, right?  But it’s backless.  That satin-y stuff  in the second pic is the front lining you’re looking at. I’m not sure the back-fat situation will be under control enough by October 30th to allow for a totally backless dress. I don’t think anybody on Gilligan’s Island ever wore a dress as backless as this one, but it totally says “Ginger,” nonetheless.   Anyway, the backup dress is still good; it’s also floor length, and it’s royal blue with a halter neckline and some pin-tuck details on the bust.  Totally cute, but it needs some accessories to really convey “GINGER!”  So I thought I’d get a boa.  And I thought I’d start looking right

when it was purchased in a pre back-fat issue era.

away ’cause you never know when Walgreens will have something and when they’ll just run out of it.

And guess what?  Walgreens did have feather boas!  I got a white one, because I think I’ll be carrying a white handbag.  The boa’s a little cheesy.  Surprising, right?  A feather boa from Walgreens is cheesy?  🙂    I’d prefer a little marabou one, but the one I got could work in a pinch.  Now I just need to find some long

The backup. Ehh.

rhinestone earrings.  Ummm… I might need some help

with that one, everybody.  😀

The bubble bath was surprisingly tricky!  I found some, but the bubble bath isn’t all together at the Walgreens.  Some of it’s by the soap and some is by the shaving supplies (?).  And the bubble bath by the soap just wasn’t gonna do it.  I had the options of Mr. Bubble, Sponge Bob Bubble bath, and some Neutrogena bath/shower gel.  While I love Mr. Bubble and how very, very pink he is, I don’t really want to smell like bubble gum.  Next, I just don’t want anything with Sponge Bob Squarepants pictured thereon in my home.  And finally the Neutrogena stuff just smelled bad.  Not bad like awful, just it has what is trying to be a “gender neutral” scent, so it just smells like woodsy, citrus, weird.  They have a similar smelling shower gel at the

gym I go to, and I don’t love it.  Also, the bath/shower gel things never bubble like you want them to.

So, I walked around for awhile before I thought to look over in a totally different place nowhere near the other soap and shower gels.  There were a few options.  The two “lavender” scented options smelled mostly like Ivory Liquid Soap and maybe there was also some lavender somewhere on the other side of the room where the bubble bath was being made.  Ivory Liquid Soap smells fine, but I’d just put that in my bath if that’s what I wanted to smell like.  I ended up with some Jasmine and White Tea scented foaming bath milk.  We’ll see how that goes.  Of all the things I thought I might have a trouble finding at Walgreens, nice bubble bath never occurred to me.  I’m definitely gonna want to stop

by Crabtree and Evelyn soon after this is done.


18 Aug

The Halloween costumes aren’t in Walgreens stores yet.  There are still school supplies in the seasonal area.  BUT!  There are Halloween costumes at!  Hurray!  Normally I’m not the type to just spend sixty bucks on some generic piece of crap and call it good.  I usually like to put together my own costumes, but that would be more challenging than seems reasonable this year.  And besides, the only costume that I could come up with that I could put together myself from items at Walgreens was an Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta tourist.  Which would be kinda funny… but not very flattering. And there are several costumes at that are pretty cute.  Cuter than those skanky costumes I keep finding everywhere else online.  BTW girls, speaking of skanky Halloween costumes, a blue bra and panty set plus a bonnet and a staff does not make a Little Bo Peep costume. It’s just a girl in her undies wearing a hat and carrying a stick.

And some of you may say that it’s too early to start worrying about Halloween costumes.  Well I’m ordering online!  I’ll have to wait for it to come in, and then I might have to send it back!  Also, costumes are fun, so why not get started early?

So here are the front runners.

I’m thinking I like the blue retro Star Trek dress better than the red one.  And I’d do my hair in a flip with a headband and my bangs to one side.  Oooh and fake eyelashes!  Totally!  And blue eyeshadow and frosted pink lips, of course. But the red dress is actually cuter I think. But the hair and makeup options aren’t as fun. And they had one of those ugly jumpsuits from TNG like Lieutenant Yar wore, but gross, who’d wanna wear that?  And speaking of Natasha Yar, I think it’ll be the 24th century before women start sporting that haircut again.  Denise Crosby is lovely and all, I’m not saying anything about her, but that jumpsuit and haircut were a hot mess.

So, I don’t know what’s really up with the board game costumes, but I liked the Candy Land and Scrabble ones.  And it was funny, when I looked at the Scrabble-girl costume it suggested the Star Trek costume, which seemed apt because they are both nerd costumes.  But when I looked at the Star Trek costume it suggested the “Platinum Marilyn” costume.  Ummm… I guess they’re both retro?  Anyway with the Candy Land one, it’d be fun to accessorise with a candy necklace and bracelet.  Oh and a Ring Pop!

There was also a Twister costume, but you just know creepy guys would be walking up to any girl wearing that and saying “Left Hand Yellow!”  or whatever, all night.  There was also this Monopoly costume, but I’m on the fence about it. Like it’s cute but… weird.  And it needs a monocle.  I just don’t think it translates to a costume as well as the first two… but there’s something I like about it.  Oh, and p.s. they’re all right around the same price so that doesn’t matter much.

So what do y’all think?  Which one should I get?

I Don’t Even Need to Buy Stuff!

8 Aug

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with pin-curls in my hair because… well, there’s no “because”.  That’s just what I’ve been doing (with the help of Aya’s videos at Strawberry Koi Vintage.)  Then the other day I washed my hair kinda late, and I didn’t want to go to bed with soppy wet hair.  So I tried some rag-curls.  My hair came out fabulous… and big, very big.  But the great thing about rag curls is you don’t have to buy anything for them!  I just cut up some old flannel pajamas I had lying around.  And they’re soft, so I could sleep on them.  I’ve never been able to sleep on rollers.  Of course, I suppose that’s a skill you have to learn, and I never wanted perfectly curled hair enough to learn.

And my parents gave me some potatoes and some pluots.  The pluots were so delicious.  So basically, I don’t even need to buy stuff!

But I just went shopping at Walgreens, so I guess I do still kinda need to buy stuff.  I bought some of those Dr. Scholl’s foldable flats that you can carry in your purse for when your feet hurt from walking around all night wearing 3 1/2″ heels (I mean that in a partying kind of way, rather than a hooking kind of way). I can’t believe those purse-friendly flats haven’t been around since the beginning of time.  Or at least since the invention of high-heeled shoes.  And they probably have been around in a low-key, underground sort of way, but they should’ve been available everywhere.  It’s one of those ideas that I’m like, “why didn’t I think of that?”  So I finally bought shoes at Walgreens!  And then there were some other shoes that I didn’t buy.  They were those sneakers that are kind of like ballet flats?  And I noticed the sizes were S, M, L.  What the hell kind of size is Medium for a shoe?  For a slipper or a flip flop maybe, but an honest-to-god shoe? Weird.