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Shopping List

16 Nov

Everyone keeps asking me what’s the first thing I’m going to buy when I’m done, or what’s on my list to buy on Friday, and really, there’s not much of a list.  I’m probably going to buy a couple of Christmas presents that I found online and want to order them right away before I forget. For myself, there’s really, for reals, not much I’m dying to buy right now.  And actually I’m running low on some cleaning products and things that I could buy at Walgreens, but I’m waiting because I’m just so tired of shopping there!  I figure even little stuff like sponges and Comet cleaner will be more fun to buy at Target, at least for a little while.

Probably, the main thing I want for myself is conditioner.  As far as makeup and skincare go, I think the drugstore brands do just as well as the department store stuff.  And I’m really not usually willing to pay 25 bucks for a tube of lip gloss, so I buy at least half of my makeup at Walgreens anyway.  But hair products?  That is a whole ‘nother story.  I think there is a world of difference between drugstore hair products and salon hair products.  And Walgreens does carry a few of the salon brands in the stores, but they don’t carry the conditioner I want.  And, yeah, I could’ve ordered it online, but I’m just not really about ordering things like conditioner online.  It’s weird to me.  I can buy clothes online, or books, but conditioner?  No. Can’t do it.  So I’m dying to go buy my normal conditioner.

And bananas.  I’m looking forward to having bananas on-hand regularly again.

So that’s my list.

  1. Christmas Presents
  2. Conditioner
  3. Bananas

Well, so I say now.  I’ll probably be going crazy shopping for all kinds of stuff come Friday.


Things I’m Gonna Do When I’m Done With This Project

17 Oct

1. Make French onion soup.  From scratch for reals. Like even making the beef stock from some cow bones, water, and mirepoix.

2.  Take, like, I dunno, $40 into a thrift store and just spend it all on random stuff. (I guess I haven’t kicked the stuff-buying habit completely.)

3.  Buy new Joshilyn Jackson novel.

4. Buy pre-1950 Nancy Drew novel.

5. Buy Adam Carolla’s book.  Or at least go to the bookstore and decide if it’s a book I need to own.

6. Buy a good Hermione wand.  I like dressing up as Hermione for Halloween, but I need a wand. And the wands they sell at the costume shops are lame, so hopefully the bookstores will be selling Hermione wands with the new Harry Potter movie coming out. And it’ll be convenient since I’m already going to be at a bookstore for the aforementioned purchases.

7.  Buy some new pants.  I need pants.  I suppose I could take care of this as a part of item #2.

8. Go to the grocery store everyday just to buy some sort of perishable produce-type foods and consume them.  And by the way, the gas station near my house sells bananas and apples individually for snacks.  Why can’t Walgreens do that?

One thing I don’t need to buy?  Egg Nog!  Because my awesome mom bought me some of that Creamland Halloween Goblin Nog this week!  Awesome!  So I’ve been drinking Mandy’s Holiday Cocktail* regularly.  By the way, my mom will be annoyed that I’ve been using the egg nog she bought me as a mixer with bourbon.


*Mandy’s Holiday Cocktail Recipe

Egg Nog



Ratios to be determined by viscosity/sweetness/drunkeness preferences at the time.  Note: beware of curdling.

Random Thoughts, Facts, and a Question or Two.

7 Sep

I think Pier 1 is Walgreens’, like, arch-nemesis.  Only because Pier 1 doesn’t sell anything that you actually need (a fact pointed out to me by my manager when I worked at Pier 1). I’d be awful hungry if I was shopping only at Pier 1. My periods would be pretty awkward too.

I’m searching for hotels in Vegas, and have found myself checking the closest Walgreens locations to various hotels.  P.S. It says there’s a Walgreens at Flamingo and the Strip?  I don’t remember one there.

I went to the Walgreens on Fremont Street in Vegas last April.  It was full of mostly t-shirts and souvenir shot glasses, just like every other store on Fremont Street.  More details about that in November.

I love that Star Trek TNG is set in the 24th century, but Dr. Crusher has the same hairstyle as many (if not most) of the cheerleaders and goldenettes of my high school days.   Also, the hallways in the USS Enterprise have the same color carpeting as my parents’ house.  And, I’ve seen extras who I guess are supposed to be “off-duty” sporting polo shirts with pleat-front khakis.  If their society is so much more advanced, why do they wear pleat-front khakis? Or indeed, pleat-front pants of any sort?

I hope I never get lice.  I think those lice combs would be really hard to get through my curly hair.  I came across them while looking for deep conditioning treatments at the Beauty/ Hair Care/Treatments section of   It’s mostly topical hair growth ointments and lice control products.  But there’s also dozens of shampoos and styling products that would seem to make more sense in the shampoo and styling products sections of the website.

I didn’t realize the word “lousy” originally meant “full of lice” until I read All Quiet on the Western Front.  Etymology is fun!

If I were to see somebody roasting green chile in a Walgreens parking lot, would that be close enough to be considered shopping at Walgreens?

Ok, just just now, as I was writing this, I was looking at this L’Oreal toner and the aforementioned and afore-pictured lice comb was shown as a “Related Product”.  What does toning brassiness out of bleached hair have to do with lice?  Do fake blondes have a higher likelihood of lice infestations? And if that’s true, are bargain-priced blonde hookers the ones skewing that statistic?  I dunno, it just seems like they would end up in places that were lice infested more frequently than most people. But really, how are these two products related at all?  Other than… you know, hair?  Also, why is this toner called “Brass Banisher”?  Anyone who lightens their hair knows what toner is. I myself was disappointed when I couldn’t find toner, and was lucky to stumble upon this Brass Banisher.  The toner I bought at Sally might not get me through to November.

Bottom 5 OTC Meds!

21 Jul

I was going to write about browsing around through again, but I was going through the “Medicine Cabinet” section and decided to write this instead: a list of the over-the-counter medications that I dislike the most.

1.  Sugarless honey and lemon flavored mentholated cough drops.

They taste so bad I would rather just deal with a cough.  And these were the only cough drops that were ever at our house growing up.  My dad thinks they’re the best thing ever.  He is incorrect.

2.  Child-friendly Cough Suppressant/Expectorant.

I think this stuff tastes worse than the aforementioned drops.  And the “Adult”* Robitussin with alcohol in it is delicious!  But it is so hard to find!  There’s always only like 1 or two boxes tucked in a corner somewhere, separate from the alcohol-free cough syrups.   And there are shelves and shelves of the alcohol-free nastiness.  And not just at Walgreens, at anyplace that OTC medications are sold the good cough syrup is hidden**.  I mean, I guess the Nyquil and stuff with alcohol in it is easy enough to find, but sometimes I’m just medicating a cough and don’t want all the other medicine that Nyquil has in it.

3. Phenylephrine

I suppose it’s not that bad actually, it’s just not as good as pseudoephedrine.  But dumb meth cooks ruined it for everybody.

4. Zyrtec

It works fine… I assume.  It knocks me out so hard, I don’t really know.

5. Pepto bismol chewable tablets.

Yeah, they don’t taste good and all, but I guess I only mentioned them to tell this little story.  Like the gross cough drops, the chewable Pepto Bismol tablets were the only anti-nausea et al. medication that was ever in our house growing up.  We didn’t even have the liquid stuff at home, and that at least doesn’t have the bitterness of the tablets.  A couple of months ago in the Atlanta airport, my mom asked me if I had anything for an upset stomach, and I had some of the chewable pepto tablets in my bag (left over from an earlier trip to Vegas because that was all they had at the Flamingo little lobby store).  My mom got so upset about how bad they tasted.  She was a little mad at me for giving her something that tasted that bad.  This was what she gave me every time I had an upset stomach for 15 years!  And now, now she claims it unfit for human consumption.

Of course I love my mama, and she’s the #1 fan of this blog, but really, Mom?  Really?


* Doesn’t “Adult” cough syrup sound like it should have something to do with porn?

** The good cough syrup was actually super-easy to find online, but when I’m coughing I don’t want to wait a couple weeks for delivery.

Top 5 Things I Miss Buying

5 Jul
  • Books

I know Walgreens carries books, but the selection leaves something to be desired.  Even the cheesy romance novels they carry aren’t the cheesy romance novels I prefer to read.

  • Shoes

I don’t need more shoes, but I do miss shopping for them.

  • Pluots*

I didn’t even think about how much produce I’d miss out on when I decided to start this project in the summer.  And you can’t get pluots year round.

  • Cute Tops

I love finding new cute tops to pair with some jeans and shoes I already own.  It’s like a whole new outfit for under 40 bucks.  Sometimes under 20.

  • Old Stuff

I really like buying antiques, and not necessarily just furniture (which I usually can’t afford), but just stuff.  Like vintage handbags and scarves and costume jewelry .  Pre-1950 Nancy Drew mysteries and old cookbooks and old post cards.  Antique vases, old cream or milk bottles that I use as vases… just old stuff.  Totally miss it.

Granted I don’t really need any of this stuff.  Indeed, the last thing I need is more stuff; my apartment is quite full of crap as it is.  But I miss the shopping.  The finding of the stuff.  I had no idea how much time a year I spent shopping until now that I can’t.  Not that I’m really doing anything super worthwhile with all the time I’m saving.  Mostly I’m just keeping up with The Colbert Report more fastidiously than normal.  Oh and I’ve started watching Star Trek TNG.  But that was bound to happen sooner or later, what with my habit of dating nerds.  So television has replaced shopping.  Yup.  Not any more productive.


* A pluot is a fruit hybrid that’s ¾ plum and ¼ apricot and 4/4 delicious!

Things I didn’t understand this week

9 Jun
  1. Why one Walgreens store is often only 1.5 miles from another Walgreens.
  2. Why honey infused bourbon has apparently been around for a while, and I’ve only just now heard about it.
  3. Why P.F. Changs frozen meals (that can be purchased at Walgreens) cost about what they at the restaurant.  Wouldn’t most people just go to the restaurant and get takeout?
  4. Why there is an eye care and incontinence aisle.  Do those things go together?
  5. What corn muffin mix is.  Is it corn meal?  Is it like Bisquick  but with corn meal added?  I don’t know.
  6. Why a woman who doesn’t like the eggs on her plate also refuses to eat her bacon and English muffin which she liked fine.  (That one is work related rather than Walgreens related, but still.)
  7. Why it is already like 100° and it’s not even officially summer yet! This isn’t Phoenix!
  8. Why the national brand of stool softener is kept locked up.  Is it a regularly shoplifted item?  But the generic version of the same drug is just right on the shelf.
  9. Why I’m doing this silly project.

20 Questions

6 Jun

I’m kinda poor right now, what with it being the beginning of the month and all.  I couldn’t afford to buy anything interesting this week.  I did go to Walgreens but I bought, like, cheese, greeting cards, and toilet paper. Not exactly fascinating purchases that deserve a good 500 words written about them.  So on to other things.

Because I’m poor, I also can’t afford to do much. So I’ve been wasting time playing 20 questions at  I love playing 20 questions with the computer.  The game learns about things by the responses that people give it. It can often be totally, amazingly accurate.  When the Harry Potter 20q first came out a few years ago, it was a little rusty at first.  But then news of the game got to all the HP fan sites and the game was inundated with information from crazy, hard-core Harry Potter fans.  So it got really good.  It guessed Kingsley Shackelbolt in like 5 questions.  FIVE QUESTIONS! Amazing!  People who have seen all of the movies probably don’t know who Kingsley Shackelbolt is.  But 20q knew! Eventually, more normal people (as opposed to obsessive Harry Potter fans) started to play and the game got a lot of bad information, so it’s not as sharp as it once was.

On the other hand, if thousands of people all went on and told 20q that “yes” Don Knotts is a sex symbol, the game would accept that to be true.  So it’s kind of like a game that got all of its information from a crazy version of Wikipedia in which misinformation cannot immediately be edited out.  Whatever most players think is true is accepted to be true, even if clearly it is not.  So the game can believe some really weird things.  And even though “Irrelevant” and “Unknown” are options for the player, a lot of people seem to ignore those options and end up feeding lots of strange information into the game.

Anyway, here is a list of things that 20q has taught me. (BTW, this list has been compiled over a few years, so if you play today, you won’t necessarily get the same answers.  Also, I usually play the People 20q.  [Ya know, that probably would have become obvious soon enough.])

  • Emeril  Lagasse is voluptuous.
  • Bobby Brady (yes, as in the Brady Bunch) is a sex symbol.
  • Kate Winslet is colorful and suspenseful. (?)
  • Salman Rushdie does not work in an office.  (Is it common knowledge that he writes in the tub or something?  I would have assumed he had some sort of home office. Guess I was wrong.)
  • Colin Firth takes place in America. (?)
  • Oprah is not an actress.  (That Oscar don’t mean nothin to 20q!)
  • Bono wears a hat.  Also, he is “probably” a world champion.
  • Steve Martin is not good with words. (20q don’t care how many well reviewed and commercially successful books or plays you write, Steve Martin!)
  • Daniel Radcliffe is good with words.
  • Emma Thompson has never been married to someone famous. (Suck it, Kenneth Branagh!)
  • Harrison Ford is eccentric, violent, and good at working a crowd.
  • John Steinbeck’s big break was on a TV show.
  • Drew Barrymore is not a producer.  Also, she is not young.
  • Jennifer Aniston is young.  (Note: IMDb says that Drew Barrymore was born in 1975 and Jennifer Aniston was born in 1969.)
  • Paul Rudd is moody, has never been on a hit TV show, and was not popular in the 90s.  (Ok, I think I must have played right after some angry ex-girlfriends of his played over and over again.)

Finally, my favorite thing that 20q told me is that it is “confused” about Chuck Woolery.  Aren’t we all, 20q? Aren’t we all.

First List

21 May

Here is a list of things that I wish I had purchased before this began.  This list I compiled a mere seven hours after my shopping deadline.

  • Almond Extract
  • A Soap Dish
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • A Membership to some Fruit of the Month Club
  • A Tripod
  • Vanilla Beans
  • Potatoes
  • Onions

I anticipate there being more of these lists in future posts.