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Exciting News!

20 Oct

I have been on a quest for a little over a year now.  I read Perfumes: The A-Z Guide by Turin and Sanchez a little over a year ago, and I became obsessed with finding a new perfume.  Perrin was nice enough to hang out with me one afternoon when I tried on about 2 dozen fragrances.  I was really stinky by the end of the day.  I found some things that I liked.  I really liked Ralph Lauren’s Notorious.  It’s really spicy and smoky and not too sweet.  This is important because most fragrances turn super sweet on me.  I think it’s because I ingest way more sugar than I can possibly metabolize and it starts seeping through my skin*.  But Notorious is kinda heavy for everyday use.  It’s also kinda intense for going to a restaurant or a crowded theatre.  So the opportunities to wear it are few and somewhat far between.  I also got a single-note Lavender cologne by Caswell-Massey that smells great on clothes… it smells less good on my actual person.  And a single-note is a little simple for a signature fragrance.  I’ve tried a few men’s fragrances too, and I like many of them, and they don’t turn too sweet, but I don’t love them quite enough to wear everyday either.  When I was in high school and college I always wore these really soapy, aldehydic florals (Spring Rain by Crabtree and Evelyn, Amazing Grace by philosophy, Anais Anais by Cacharel) which were great.  And looking back I’m glad I was wearing something so soft and girly when every other person my age on the planet was wearing ck One.  And they were great for a 16-year-old Mandy — very sweet and soft and nice.  But those descriptors don’t really suit me much anymore.  😉   And as my friend Jacob said, “you need a few steps in between those girly perfumes and White Diamonds.”  That is very true.

So I think I found one!  It’s Amor Amor, also by Cacharel. It starts off floral and a little fruity, but it turns into a really nice musky-ish floral on me that has a little more edge than Anais Anais.  Perfect!  Oh, except for a short 10 minute period where it smells like apples and fresh sweat. Not like gross B.O. but fresh, I-just-went-on-a-15-minute-jog sweat.  But seriously, almost every fragrance that has come out in the past 4 to 5 years smells like fruit and fresh sweat on me after a little while.  And, except for Amor Amor, they all seem to retain that smell.  I tried on a bunch of perfume one day by myself last fall, and at the end of the day my arm smelled like citrus and fresh sweat, berries and fresh sweat, melon and fresh sweat, or bag of Jolly Ranchers and fresh sweat in varying patches. And they were all new-ish fragrances.  If I try on  some 1980s fragrances (Paris, Obsession, Poison, Oscar – not that I’d try them on all at the same time;  that’d be crazy) I don’t smell like sweat.   But most of the new fragrances that are marketed towards young women smell like sweat to me.  I also sometimes think the wind in Albuquerque smells like fresh sweat, too. Like if a lot of dust has been blown around?  Maybe my sweat just smells weird.  Or maybe everybody just wants to smell like sweaty Mandy  😉

And how does this relate to Walgreens?  Amor Amor is not a fragrance that Walgreens carries.  They carry three other Cacharel fragrances, but not Amor Amor.  Agggghh!   And when I go to the “Fragrances for Women” section of the Walgreen’s website, 991 items come up.  But no Amor Amor.  And the website carries all manner of fragrances, cheap to high-end – White Shoulders to  Jean Paul Gautier and 980 more in between. I’ve looked at the fragrances in the cosmetics department in different Walgreens for the past few days and haven’t seen it at one yet.  *sigh*

At least I only have to wait a few weeks to buy it.

Come back later this week for a more directly-related-to-Walgreens post.  I’ll be visiting stores in the… umm… transitional neighborhoods around town.


* Nothing I learned in all the Human Biology classes I took in college actually supports this ‘sugar seeping through skin’ theory.



18 Aug

The Halloween costumes aren’t in Walgreens stores yet.  There are still school supplies in the seasonal area.  BUT!  There are Halloween costumes at!  Hurray!  Normally I’m not the type to just spend sixty bucks on some generic piece of crap and call it good.  I usually like to put together my own costumes, but that would be more challenging than seems reasonable this year.  And besides, the only costume that I could come up with that I could put together myself from items at Walgreens was an Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta tourist.  Which would be kinda funny… but not very flattering. And there are several costumes at that are pretty cute.  Cuter than those skanky costumes I keep finding everywhere else online.  BTW girls, speaking of skanky Halloween costumes, a blue bra and panty set plus a bonnet and a staff does not make a Little Bo Peep costume. It’s just a girl in her undies wearing a hat and carrying a stick.

And some of you may say that it’s too early to start worrying about Halloween costumes.  Well I’m ordering online!  I’ll have to wait for it to come in, and then I might have to send it back!  Also, costumes are fun, so why not get started early?

So here are the front runners.

I’m thinking I like the blue retro Star Trek dress better than the red one.  And I’d do my hair in a flip with a headband and my bangs to one side.  Oooh and fake eyelashes!  Totally!  And blue eyeshadow and frosted pink lips, of course. But the red dress is actually cuter I think. But the hair and makeup options aren’t as fun. And they had one of those ugly jumpsuits from TNG like Lieutenant Yar wore, but gross, who’d wanna wear that?  And speaking of Natasha Yar, I think it’ll be the 24th century before women start sporting that haircut again.  Denise Crosby is lovely and all, I’m not saying anything about her, but that jumpsuit and haircut were a hot mess.

So, I don’t know what’s really up with the board game costumes, but I liked the Candy Land and Scrabble ones.  And it was funny, when I looked at the Scrabble-girl costume it suggested the Star Trek costume, which seemed apt because they are both nerd costumes.  But when I looked at the Star Trek costume it suggested the “Platinum Marilyn” costume.  Ummm… I guess they’re both retro?  Anyway with the Candy Land one, it’d be fun to accessorise with a candy necklace and bracelet.  Oh and a Ring Pop!

There was also a Twister costume, but you just know creepy guys would be walking up to any girl wearing that and saying “Left Hand Yellow!”  or whatever, all night.  There was also this Monopoly costume, but I’m on the fence about it. Like it’s cute but… weird.  And it needs a monocle.  I just don’t think it translates to a costume as well as the first two… but there’s something I like about it.  Oh, and p.s. they’re all right around the same price so that doesn’t matter much.

So what do y’all think?  Which one should I get?

Girly Stuff

19 Jul

Today at Walgreens, I purchased something that I’ve wanted to purchase for about 10 years: Revlon’s Fire and Ice lipstick. Hurray!

Now why did it take me so long to buy a $7 lipstick?  A few reasons.  The main one is that I’m super forgetful and I never think about it when I’m out and about.  Or else I’m out and about, and I do think about it, but I’ve already purchased too many lipsticks/glosses/liners that month, and one more would be beyond silly.  Also, I don’t actually love the color on me; it’s pink-er than the reds I usually wear.  BUT! That’s because it’s a color that Revlon’s had around since 1952!  And how cool is that?

And even cooler is the ad campaign that they designed for Fire and Ice.  Best Ad Campaign EVER.

It’s a gorgeous photograph and everything, but I loved the quiz that accompanied the photo.  The quiz determined whether or not you were made for Fire and Ice.  Were you?  Let’s take the quiz!

  • Have you ever danced with your shoes off?
  • Did you ever wish on the new moon?
  • Do you blush when you find yourself flirting?
  • When a recipe calls for one dash of bitters, do you think it’s better with two?
  • Do you secretly hope the next man you meet will be a psychiatrist?
  • Do you sometimes feel that other women resent you?
  • Have you ever wanted to wear an ankle bracelet?
  • Do sables excite you, even on other women?
  • Do you love to look up at a man?
  • Do you face crowded parties with panic – then wind up having a wonderful time?
  • Does gypsy music make you sad?
  • Do you think any man really understands you?
  • Would you streak your hair platinum without consulting your husband?
  • If tourist flights were running, would you take a trip to Mars?
  • Do you close your eyes when you’re kissed?

And of course, an overwhelming majority of lipstick-wearing women are going to get an 8.  Because:

  • Seriously, when in the history of cocktails has a manhattan, an old-fashioned, or a champagne cocktail been made with only one dash of bitters?  Or when has one dash of anything been used ever? Dashes come in twos and threes, not singly.
  • I never understood the psychiatrist question, but on Mad Men the guy that wanted Carrie to pee on him* compared getting a psychiatrist to getting a pink stove – a popular mid-century trend.
  • And you don’t even have to actually own an ankle bracelet, you just have to, at some point in this life, wanted to wear one.
  • Sables are just exciting.  Period.
  • A woman’s hair color is an issue to be discussed with a hairstylist or possibly a best friend, not a husband.
  • A new moon is a thing you can wish on?  Didn’t know that, but I’ll start wishing on them starting August 9!  The more wishes the better, right?
  • Of course I have a man in my life that really understands me.  That’s what gay husbands are for.
  • Only the creepiest of people kiss with their eyes open.

So I was made for Fire and Ice!  Awesome!  And since the Revlon make up was Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off, I also got some very cool crème eye shadow.

And I bought another dress.

I know!  There’s something wrong with me, but it’s been so hot.  Too hot to wear jeans.  And I forgot to buy some lightweight, summery pants this spring.  I needed another casual dress.

That’s all for today.  Hopefully the next post will appeal to a wider audience.


* To me, John Slattery will always be the politician that wanted Carrie to pee on him. It doesn’t matter that he was only on 2 episodes of Sex and the City, but dozens of episodes of Mad Men as well as working on other stuff, too.  He’s that one character in my head.  But I think he should play Australian Prime Minister James Scullin in a movie. Ya know, if they ever make a movie in which James Scullin is a character.

I didn’t have any copies of Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar from 1952 lying around the house, so I copied the quiz from Read My Lips: A Cultural History of Lipstick by Ragas and Kozlowski.  The copy of the ad though, I did just have lying around my house.  Hanging on the wall actually.  Yeah, I’m cool like that.