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Saving Grace

11 Nov

One other thing happened in Las Vegas.  I almost fell off the wagon.  I really wanted to wear some sort of stretchy knit pant for the road and I hadn’t packed any.  I was all bloated and puffy from eating and drinking too much, and I wanted something stretchy and comfy for the ride home. I came really close to buying some pants at Ross.  And I thought about how I was so close it was silly to cheat so blatantly here at the end. And if I were going to cheat this far in it should be on something amazing, not some $10 workout pants.  And I thought about buying some pants at the Walgreens down the street, but they didn’t have any I liked.  Their pant selection most definitely leaves something to be desired.  There were two sweat suits that were ok except for the giant, ugly Las Vegas thing embroidered on them.  And it was tacky bad, not tacky kitsch and fun.  ‘Cause a giant Las Vegas logo could be fun on a velour sweat suit.  It wasn’t.  And they were overpriced. By the way, my friend Zanne thinks that the reason they have so many clothes in those two stores on the strip is because people might need a change of pants after eating the sushi that’s there.  Ha! Good times.  I’m sure it’s fine.  Pretty sure.  Not sure enough to have actually tried it.

Anyway, I really wanted those stretchy pants at Ross.  And what finally convinced me not to buy them was the threat of bed bugs.  There probably haven’t been any reports of bed bugs in any Ross ever, but I’ve heard about people getting bed bugs from clothes that they brought home from the store and didn’t wash right away.  And it’s not like I’d have been able to wash them there very easily.  Even if I’d washed them in the sink at the hotel, they wouldn’t have dried in time.  So I couldn’t buy any clothes there.  So thank you, bed bugs, for keeping me honest in this project.

And, if you were wondering, yes, I inspected the hotel room thoroughly for bed bugs.  I even brought a flashlight.  It was fine and bed bug free.