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Vegas Part 2!

7 Nov

I visited two other Walgreens in Vegas.  One was further south on the strip — across from the Monte Carlo.  It was really similar to the one next to the Venetian, only older and slightly shabbier.  But like the other one on the strip it had a BUNCH of clothes.  No luggage or cute hats though.  But it did have sushi.  So 2 Walgreens that carry sushi so far.

I also visited the one on Fremont Street was just like every other store on Fremont Street.  It was mostly souvenir shot glasses and t-shirts, though it also had Tylenol and Imodium.  No sushi at the Fremont store.  It did have more pantry type foods than the stores on the strip, like pasta and rice and Stove Top stuffing.  I guess maybe there are more people that live near Fremont Street?  It’d be sad if many people lived actually at one of the really cheap hotels near there and just had a hot plate and lived off pasta from the Walgreens.  Wow.  That’s a really depressing thought.  I totally just bummed myself out. 😦

Also went to a Walgreens in Flagstaff that I think was fairly close to NAU (maybe not.  There’s no particular reason to trust my Flagstaff geography knowledge) and it was as worn and dingy as the store that’s right next to UNM.  So at least Walgreens doesn’t play favorites with its student-ghetto stores.  Louie the Lumberjack gets the same treatment as Louie the Lobo.  But weird that they’re both named Louie, right?

Finally, unrelated to Walgreens, but a tip from me to my readers: Halloween on the Las Vegas Strip was kinda lame.  Nobody was into it.  Like only 10 percent of the people there were dressed up and everybody was taking themselves very seriously. Who knew?  But Halloween on Fremont Street was AMAZING! People were in super fun, crazy costumes and it was just all one big party.  So, if you find yourself in Las Vegas on Halloween go to Fremont Street.



The Fanciest Walgreens EVER!

6 Nov

I already knew that different Walgreens carry different stuff — sometime almost totally different stuff.  I was still not prepared for a Walgreens that looked like this:

It doesn’t even look like a Walgreens, right?  When was the last time that you’ve ever walked in to a Walgreens with a giant jewelry display endcap at the very front of the store?  Or that had like 4 aisles of clothes?  Or luggage?  Or cute wide-brimmed sun hats?

Here’s the store from the outside:

This is the store that’s right outside the Venetian and across the street from Treasure Island.  So it’s a pretty high-rent neighborhood.  If I had done this project in Vegas I think it would’ve been easier.  At least as far as my clothing and accessory needs went.     They also had a fancier looking electronic section, though they actually probably had fewer electronics.  And sushi.  They had sushi.

Right there on the middle shelf.  Sushi.  At Walgreens. I heard tell of it on the internets, but I was skeptical.  And then there it was.  I thought about trying some.  Then decided against it because I had an eight hour drive the next day.

The only thing I actually bought for myself was a pink oven mitt that has a print with the “Welcome to Fabulous  Las Vegas Nevada” sign on it.  I’m not sure how practical the oven mitt is.  It feels like it’s made out of synthetic fabric.  I’m not totally sure it won’t just melt the first time I use it. Maybe it should just be hung on the oven for pretty.

Random Thoughts, Facts, and a Question or Two.

7 Sep

I think Pier 1 is Walgreens’, like, arch-nemesis.  Only because Pier 1 doesn’t sell anything that you actually need (a fact pointed out to me by my manager when I worked at Pier 1). I’d be awful hungry if I was shopping only at Pier 1. My periods would be pretty awkward too.

I’m searching for hotels in Vegas, and have found myself checking the closest Walgreens locations to various hotels.  P.S. It says there’s a Walgreens at Flamingo and the Strip?  I don’t remember one there.

I went to the Walgreens on Fremont Street in Vegas last April.  It was full of mostly t-shirts and souvenir shot glasses, just like every other store on Fremont Street.  More details about that in November.

I love that Star Trek TNG is set in the 24th century, but Dr. Crusher has the same hairstyle as many (if not most) of the cheerleaders and goldenettes of my high school days.   Also, the hallways in the USS Enterprise have the same color carpeting as my parents’ house.  And, I’ve seen extras who I guess are supposed to be “off-duty” sporting polo shirts with pleat-front khakis.  If their society is so much more advanced, why do they wear pleat-front khakis? Or indeed, pleat-front pants of any sort?

I hope I never get lice.  I think those lice combs would be really hard to get through my curly hair.  I came across them while looking for deep conditioning treatments at the Beauty/ Hair Care/Treatments section of walgreens.com.   It’s mostly topical hair growth ointments and lice control products.  But there’s also dozens of shampoos and styling products that would seem to make more sense in the shampoo and styling products sections of the website.

I didn’t realize the word “lousy” originally meant “full of lice” until I read All Quiet on the Western Front.  Etymology is fun!

If I were to see somebody roasting green chile in a Walgreens parking lot, would that be close enough to be considered shopping at Walgreens?

Ok, just just now, as I was writing this, I was looking at this L’Oreal toner and the aforementioned and afore-pictured lice comb was shown as a “Related Product”.  What does toning brassiness out of bleached hair have to do with lice?  Do fake blondes have a higher likelihood of lice infestations? And if that’s true, are bargain-priced blonde hookers the ones skewing that statistic?  I dunno, it just seems like they would end up in places that were lice infested more frequently than most people. But really, how are these two products related at all?  Other than… you know, hair?  Also, why is this toner called “Brass Banisher”?  Anyone who lightens their hair knows what toner is. I myself was disappointed when I couldn’t find toner, and was lucky to stumble upon this Brass Banisher.  The toner I bought at Sally might not get me through to November.