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Mandy Update

26 Mar

So wanna know what I’ve been up to since I finished —or maybe rather “stopped” would be the correct word—my Walgreens project? Well, the first thing I did was get really, really poor. I mean, I was kinda-sorta poor throughout the project, and then (as I mentioned earlier) I was quite poor right after it ended, but I was super-extra poor the first 6 weeks of this year. It was crazy slow at my restaurant job, and so I wasn’t working as many hours, and I kept getting colds and couldn’t work, so I was poor. BUT the good news there is that this Walgreens project was really good training for being poor! I couldn’t shop anywhere or buy anything fun; it kinda didn’t feel like anything had changed. And with all my free time with working fewer hours I actually wrote and (eventually) submitted a smutty short story to a publisher*. So… good for me, I guess.

Anyway, I got awfully tired of being so poor and I demanded that the universe cut me a damn break already. And it did. Two days after my demand I got a call about doing some freelance writing work for a cable channel that’s based in town. Honest to god. That was totally how it worked. I made a demand, and the universe gave in to it within 48 hours.

And, part of what helped get me the job was this here blog project. I’d like to think that my boss saw this blog and said to herself “What writing! What voice! And tone! And style!  I must hire her!” But I’m guessing that it was more of a situation where a project like this shows a certain amount of self motivation, stick-to-itivness, and good old fashioned gumption.** And I guess it shows the ability to pound out a couple thousand words every week; that’s probably a good thing to demonstrate for a writing job too.

So that’s the happy ending to my story. I’ll write and post the epilogue over the next couple of weeks.

OH! And I’ve been playing the most super-fun awesome facebook app/game EVER! Yeah! Check it out!


*I just submitted it maybe a week and a half ago, so I haven’t heard anything back yet. I’m just glad I actually submitted something. I’m always writing writing writing, but I never submit anything.

**I actually applied for a job, mentioned my blog in the cover letter, and was asked about it during the interview. It’s not like somebody ran across my blog randomly and gave me a call… though that would be a better story.