Top 5 Things I Miss Buying

5 Jul
  • Books

I know Walgreens carries books, but the selection leaves something to be desired.  Even the cheesy romance novels they carry aren’t the cheesy romance novels I prefer to read.

  • Shoes

I don’t need more shoes, but I do miss shopping for them.

  • Pluots*

I didn’t even think about how much produce I’d miss out on when I decided to start this project in the summer.  And you can’t get pluots year round.

  • Cute Tops

I love finding new cute tops to pair with some jeans and shoes I already own.  It’s like a whole new outfit for under 40 bucks.  Sometimes under 20.

  • Old Stuff

I really like buying antiques, and not necessarily just furniture (which I usually can’t afford), but just stuff.  Like vintage handbags and scarves and costume jewelry .  Pre-1950 Nancy Drew mysteries and old cookbooks and old post cards.  Antique vases, old cream or milk bottles that I use as vases… just old stuff.  Totally miss it.

Granted I don’t really need any of this stuff.  Indeed, the last thing I need is more stuff; my apartment is quite full of crap as it is.  But I miss the shopping.  The finding of the stuff.  I had no idea how much time a year I spent shopping until now that I can’t.  Not that I’m really doing anything super worthwhile with all the time I’m saving.  Mostly I’m just keeping up with The Colbert Report more fastidiously than normal.  Oh and I’ve started watching Star Trek TNG.  But that was bound to happen sooner or later, what with my habit of dating nerds.  So television has replaced shopping.  Yup.  Not any more productive.


* A pluot is a fruit hybrid that’s ¾ plum and ¼ apricot and 4/4 delicious!


One Response to “Top 5 Things I Miss Buying”

  1. scribblingcandy July 12, 2010 at 9:04 pm #

    I’m sorry you can’t have plouts right now, but I must try one. This sounds like a delicious fruit!

    Also, no shoe shopping?!? Oh, the horror!

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